Sunday, August 17, 2008

Plastic Structures in Winter

Plastic Structures in Winter : Further Exploration into Synthetic Space.

Nathan's work explores the mediation that occurs between painting and drawing processes, while addressing the illusory and physical aspects of the media. Paintings and drawings are often started in an Automatist fashion, by haphazardly splashing ink and paint across the surface of the work or by making marks that relate to the format of the piece and are dictated by physical reach, the circumference of wrist, elbow and arm pivots. Nathan avoids using colour in this work as he finds it implies unwanted specific meaning that over-complicates the work and is potentially misleading. The forms and spaces depicted in these pictures are ambiguous and transitory, built upon subconscious baggage and aesthetic bias.

A selection of this work as well as several drawings will be shown in 2009 at Little Mountain Studios under the title Nuclear Winter opening January 30th.

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