Tuesday, March 23, 2010

5 x 7 Series

This work is form a series titled 'Keys for Dark-Matter and Future Lost Civilizations, it was sent to Montreal for "Drawing Expo 2010"

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Collaboration without Consent

"Please join the ongoing window display and group show at our new location! We’ve built several 20″H × 30″W × 23″D and are looking for folks to fill them with their collections of figurines, tinfoil, whatever! Be them odd & bizarre or banal & everyday, we welcome what you’ve been secretly keeping to yourself.

“Storage” will be on display from March 1 – May 1 at the new Blim location: 115 E. Pender (West of Main St). Move in dates begin this week. Closing party will be held on May 1." http://blim.ca/submission/

Detail shots of sculptural installation for Blim's "Collections" show.

"All materials for this piece, including the drawn aspects were left in my apartment by my friend Dan. He said I could throw them out but instead I used them in this sculpture. With the exception of a few colours even the paint was at one time his. The piece is intended to be viewed from the front, reading in a similar way to a painting."