Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Apple Pie Face Complete

20 copies of Apple Pie Face have been finished and are ready for distribution. This is the first print run of this book. In the fall or winter a second run will be made for local distribution and mail order. The second run will feature a slightly different variation in colour schema due to as all the inks for the first run were mixed on the spot.

Books were given as gifts and sold to a select few special people in New York, Montreal and Toronto.

Apple Pie Face

A month of drawings are burned to screens and printed on fancy paper. Daniel is crossing Europe this summer and I am meandering around out east. This provides us with an opportunity to get some of our work printed and out to friends and curious acquaintances that we meet in our travels.

This image of Daniel pulling prints was made at about 1 in the morning. This particular day of printing ran approximately 18 hours.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Danathan Jonesamasso Studios

Pictures of the new studio space at Blim, which Daniel and I share, with special cameo by Morgan. Over the past year Daniel and I have made somwhere between 80 and 100 collaborative drawings.

More information will be added to this post shortly.

New Directions

This is a new series I've been working on involving portraiture and colour, two things that have been vacant from my paintings for the past few years. The series was started last October and the first few paintings are finally starting to see completion.